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About Us

From humbling beginnings our Founder/Creator Extraordinary BOOTSTRAPPED this Brand from Soup to Nuts. She was born in an impoverished neighborhood in 1968 to her parents Sidney Lewis and Annie Bell Thomas. She’s been a fighter since birth. The youngest of (9) nine children she always dreamt of owning a business of some sort. Not, knowing why she had dreams of entrepreneurship, but it would be revealed decades later.

A woman sitting in front of some pink tub products.

That chance came in the Fall of 2011; after working in the Tech Industry for over 8 years she was fired and decided NOT to look for full-time employment but, instead she attended Brooklyn College full-time to achieve her bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Legal Affairs. She worked on her craft of entrepreneurship at night and attended classes during the day.

While vacationing in Tucson, Arizona with her late husband Kevin, she discovered her passion for Organic Bath and Body products. That one trip to a Boutique in Arizona would reveal one of her passions.

Upon returning home from vacation to the Bronx in New York City she quickly began calculating and gathering capital:

Severance Pay


Tax Returns

Roth IRAs and

Stocks and Bonds

All of our founder’s capital was saved and gathered so she started writing out a business plan. She, then called Legal Zoom and THE PINK TUB was formed in their cozy 500sq ft. apartment March 2012. There would be endless days and nights of due diligence, tutorials, and YouTube Videos to cultivate, craft, mix, pour and cut every batch of Soap, Body Wash, Sugar Scrub and Lotion. It took two years to hone, cultivate and perfect all of her ingredients into (8) eight AMAZING products.

Triple Negative Breast Cancer

Set to launch THE PINK TUB to the world in 2014 our founder was diagnosed with Triple Negative Breast Cancer one of the MOST AGGRESSIVE types of Breast Cancer to have. Her Brand had to be put on hiatus and for (4) four years, she fought through (9) nine surgeries, (6) six months of aggressive Chemotherapy and (6) six months of aggressive Radiation.

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Our Founders Next Chapter

She was Triumph and Victorious with grace, mercy and strength through GOD, prayer, her beloved spouse, family, friends and Facebook supporters and we now see why her mother named her Victoria because she was/is VICTORIOUS!

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After, she fought and won her battle with Breast Cancer she began to work on re-launching THE PINK TUB in 2017 our founder was faced yet again with another devastating blow; her beloved late husband Kevin L. Bodie was diagnosed with (2) two Cerebral Brain Aneurysms in November 2017. He fought an awesome battle, recovered rapidly and lived until February 2018.

Her world was shattered and turned upside down!

A woman standing in front of pink doors.

She packed up 37 years of her late husband Kevin’s belongings and hers too; to relocate to Indianapolis, Indiana. Turning her life over to CHRIST was redemption!

And, our founder finally launched THE PINK TUB in the historic STUTZ Building located in the heart of downtown Indianapolis, Indiana January 2019!

(Isaiah 62:1) God will not rest until your righteouness goes forth as brightness and your salvation as a lamp that burns.

Deliverance won’t change you into someone else. It will release you to be who you really are – an intelligent, secure, loving, talented, kindhearted, witty, attractive, wonderful woman of GOD. By: Unknown

I didn’t know it then, but I knew something within me during my teenage years hungered for Entreprenuership. I wanted a Hotel or a Bed and Breakfast of some sort. But, I knew I didn’t want to work long for ANYONE. My ideals were always vast, creative and beyond with whomever I had worked for.

During my Chemo treatments in 2015 our family historian Mitch posted this articule in our family News Journal about my maternal Grand-Father Charlie Andrew Teamer. Grand-Pa Charlie was one of (12) twelve children; born in 1893…wow!

How the articule was written my Great-Grand Father Andrew sold 109 acres of Land to my Grand-pa Charlie for ($2,200) in 1934. Within a year my maternal Grand-pa purchase additional Land…up to 330 acres totalled and equipment too…WOW!!

Grand-pa Charlie was the FIRST black man in Tipton County, Tennessee to be on the Mid-South Cotton Grower’s Association of Tipton County in 1937…WOW!!!

After, reading that article I was TRULY blown away!

Both of my Grand Parents; Grand-Pa Charlie and Grand-Pa Sidney owned their own Land, Property, Live Stock and Equipment. And, ALL of it was willed to my parents and their siblings; and so on.

It was inevitable through my DNA that; that entreprenuer hunger I longed for decades ago would catapult me to launch my brand…